Setting Up Your Minecraft Server Just Got Easier!

Posted January 17, 2024 by Josh ‐ 2 min read

I've put together a super cool script to make setting up your own Minecraft server on Linux a breeze!

Minecraft Server Linux Installer

Hey there, fellow Linux enthusiasts and Minecraft fans! It’s Josh here from your favorite Linux YouTube channel KeepItTechie. You guys have shown so much love for my Minecraft server setup tutorial that I was inspired to take things a step further. Guess what? I’ve put together a super cool script to make setting up your own Minecraft server on Linux a breeze!

You can find all the juicy details and the script itself on my GitHub page. This little gem of a script is your one-stop solution for getting your Minecraft server up and running on Ubuntu Server 22.04 without all the hassle.

Minecraft Server Linux Installer

It’s packed with everything you need – from installing Java to configuring your server and making sure it’s secure. And, of course, it takes care of that pesky EULA acceptance for you. I’ve worked hard to make sure it’s a smooth ride so you can spend less time setting up and more time building your Minecraft empire.


  • Automatically adds the Java PPA and installs OpenJDK 17.
  • Opens necessary ports for Minecraft and SSH.
  • Downloads the specified version of the Minecraft server JAR file.
  • Automatically accepts the Minecraft EULA.
  • Sets file ownership and permissions for security.
  • Creates a systemd service for the Minecraft server for easy starting, stopping, and restarting.
  • Provides instructions for further customization and manual steps required after installation.

Don’t forget to swing by my GitHub to grab the script, and definitely give it a once-over to understand all the cool stuff it does. You’ll also find tips on tweaking the file to get your server just the way you like it. And hey, make sure your server’s got a static IP to keep your gaming experience as smooth as silk. For more fun updates and tech talk, keep an eye on my blog at Can’t wait to hear about all the awesome servers you’re going to set up with this script. Happy crafting and KeepItTechie!